Rangavali Artistry: An effective action for  Hosting and Harvesting (Brief from the Sydney conference paper)
By Painter Smt. Bharati Mate

Rangavali Art: A living Tradition

One of the major strands that form multidimensional cultural heritage of India is the living traditions of Folk Art, dating back from Indus Valley Civilization. Since 5000 years folkloristic art form of Rangavali has been utilized in different aspects to elucidate the celebration, where people daily prepare Rangavalis on floor to welcome the pious living force or the divine. Rangavali means linear diagrams, drawn with white shirgola stone powder from Maharashtra (India) applying with series of colours.
Among several cultural themes which are presented by feminine agencies, in domestic forum Rangavali is one classified under 64 arts & 18 branches of knowledge represents Indian earthen expression, a tremendously powerful exercise. Positavisation through Rangavali Artistry: Rangavali Artistry uses as social technologies t…

Pune | Old Rangoli In New Avtar Fresco Painting


Sri-Yantra Cosmogram: An Aid for Meditation: Installation

Installation: Sri-Yantra Cosmogram: An Aid for Meditation                                                        by Dr. Bharati Mate & Sunil Balkawade
Attune yourself with the Divine: (Synchronization of Ancient & Modern: Art Science and Technology with complementary triple Yantra, Mantra and Tantra) 
 Prelude to initiation:

To-day in this modern world one has to strive hard to keep pace with the expectations to achieve one's goal. While doing so the human being knowingly or unknowingly is forced to encounter a lot of physical, chemical and emotional stressful factors day in and day out, this results into depression disease causation.
The causation could be attributed to one or more of the following triple factors of anxiety or stress conditions:viz

Internally generated or by assault which is equated to ADHIBHAUTICPsycho-somatic or caused by mental stress known as ADHYATMICDivine causation otherwise termed as ADHIDAIVIC
The one and the only way to overcome this problem is to in…

Rangavali Artistry & Eight Fortune Symbols

Rangavali Artistry & Eight Fortune Symbols A Sublime Floor Canvas

Rangavali Art: A Living Tradition:
As we all know that India is having multidimensional cultural heritage which consists of several Living Traditions of folk art, dating back from Indus Valley Civilization. Since 5000 years folklorist art form of Rangavali has been used differently to elucidate the celebration, where people daily prepare Rangavalis on floor to welcome the pious living force or the divine.
Rangavali acts as a silent host. Rangavali is a white powder from Shirgola stone and magic of this powder; is its white frosty medium, a free flow of rough coarse powder. After using you does not require washing your hands just wipe off & it will vanish. This is the main powder you can prepare ‘n’ number of colourful powders of primary and secondary colour schemes out of it.
The Art of Hosting is a practice that heals the broken relationship between the people, and India is exactly in one way having art of hosting &a…

Indus Valley Civilization: Art Exploration

Indus Valley Civilization: Art Exploration

Enrichment and enhancement is a boon offered by Nature after a deep turmoil. After the saga, the global water disaster the boost of economy and development emphasize the strong survival core of humans. History too, reveals the wash out of the golden Indus Civilization. In the hidden identity of Indus, a remarkable instinct revolution shows light. Name it Modernization, Progress and Technological Innovation. Indus has a primordial link and foundation. Indus people were true trade icons who have provided us with a foundation for growth and development. They standstill as ever survivors, yet glorious enterprises as pathfinders, this spirit of Indus inspires us to EXCEL.

A Pure Excellence!
Mother Goddess:

The fertility concept and its spiritual journey is what Indus has expressed as ‘Mother Goddess’. ‘With Fire as seed and water as the 'nourisher’ a fruit of creation is reaped. She, the mother who bears this, is worshiped as a Goddess.



Lines on Stone

Lines on Stone  (Interesting places to see in India published in Australian Magazine Desh-Videsh: 1997)    by Dr. Bharati MateIt holds your breath. Not even in your wildest fantasy could you ever have imagined, the existence of more than 1000 rock shelters. Such a place, out of which 500 rock shelters are depicted by Paintings- by nameless masters of humanity's earliest artistic past.

'Bhimbetka'- the above said place is situated 43 kms away from the south of Bhopal, (Dist Raisen, Madhya Pradesh, India) surrounded by the northen fringe of the Vindhyan Ranges. In the rocky terrain of dense forest and craggy cliffs, over thousands of rock shelters are spreaded. In the area of Bhimbetka, rock art extends over 10kms & includes 7 hills. 1. Vinayaka 2. Bhornavali 3. Bhimbetka 4. Lakha Juar (East) 5. Lakha Juar (West) 6. Jondra and  7. Muni Babaki-Pahari
On the Bhimbetka hill 200/300 rock shelters were discovered by Dr. Wakankar (in 1972) belongs to neolithic age. He worked on th…