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Lines on Stone

Lines on Stone  (Interesting places to see in India published in Australian Magazine Desh-Videsh: 1997)    by Dr. Bharati MateIt holds your breath. Not even in your wildest fantasy could you ever have imagined, the existence of more than 1000 rock shelters. Such a place, out of which 500 rock shelters are depicted by Paintings- by nameless masters of humanity's earliest artistic past.

'Bhimbetka'- the above said place is situated 43 kms away from the south of Bhopal, (Dist Raisen, Madhya Pradesh, India) surrounded by the northen fringe of the Vindhyan Ranges. In the rocky terrain of dense forest and craggy cliffs, over thousands of rock shelters are spreaded. In the area of Bhimbetka, rock art extends over 10kms & includes 7 hills. 1. Vinayaka 2. Bhornavali 3. Bhimbetka 4. Lakha Juar (East) 5. Lakha Juar (West) 6. Jondra and  7. Muni Babaki-Pahari
On the Bhimbetka hill 200/300 rock shelters were discovered by Dr. Wakankar (in 1972) belongs to neolithic age. He worked on th…

kavita mala aavadaleli

देते म्हणून देते म्हणून घ्यायचे किती ?  माझ्या सगळ्या कळ्या पागोळ्या ठेवून घेतल्यास म्हणून पांघरले रखरखीत ऊन तर तेही घेतलंस ठेऊन !

                         सुशिला पगारिया