Indus Valley Civilization: Art Exploration

Indus Valley Civilization: Art Exploration

Enrichment and enhancement is a boon offered by Nature after a deep turmoil. After the saga, the global water disaster the boost of economy and development emphasize the strong survival core of humans. History too, reveals the wash out of the golden Indus Civilization. In the hidden identity of Indus, a remarkable instinct revolution shows light. Name it Modernization, Progress and Technological Innovation. Indus has a primordial link and foundation.
Indus people were true trade icons who have provided us with a foundation for growth and development. They standstill as ever survivors, yet glorious enterprises as pathfinders, this spirit of Indus inspires us to EXCEL.

A Pure Excellence!

Mother Goddess:

The fertility concept and its spiritual journey is what Indus has expressed as ‘Mother Goddess’. ‘With Fire as seed and water as the 'nourisher’ a fruit of creation is reaped. She, the mother who bears this, is worshiped as a Goddess.


Symbolic expressions and their role in business communication is a contribution of the Indus. The cuneiform Scripts of the primeval period has been reformed into a uniform style. Today, at many places, its utilization forms mirror images of this applied art of Indus.

Indus Script: 

Language was influenced by the day to day objects in the Indus Era. The Indus script was rejuvenated into the modern essence of writing, which is the pillar of documentation and communication.

Data Storage:

Centuries ago, information was stored on clay tablets and cylinders. The essential data was stored and maintained for trade consignments. Modern compact discs and storage facets are a fine link of the age old Indus practice.


Corporate instinct was a pillar of Indus entrepreneurs. They carefully documented resources, profit-loss transactions, trade agreements and deals. Today, in the banking revolution, Indus documentation has a face to emphasize upon.

Smart Cards:

Modern smart cards remind us of the Indus positive-negative seals. The original and it’s replica were used as a proof of authenticity, around 5000 years ago, when development had just begun.

Profit & Loss Statement:

The property extracts, transactions, financial requirements were all systematically entered on cylinders in the Indus period. The records were authenticated, worshiped and maintained for the future.

Corporate Identity:

Every Indus business house had a seal with a specific way of presentation. Brand Identity and resource generation, thus were sowed in that period and have rightly flowered in the corporate kingdom of the modern time.

Indus City:

One of the first six cities of the world. Mohen-ja-Daro city is an icon of refined architecture, town planning & prompt resource management. Modern architecture is a success story of this Indus plinth of wisdom and planning.

Overseas Trade:

Indus mastered the art of global trade. It encompassed the entire globe utilizing innovative shipping and then ventured towards the concept of a ‘global Village’. The globalization of the ancient time is now the modern instinct of business-reach & revolutionize!


Expansion in diverse resources is symbolized in the poly-cephalic seal of the Indus. Spreading and growing in different spheres was a feature of Indus livelihood, which has rightly transcended in the contemporary way as corporate intelligence.


From the basic existence, Indus civilization reinforced spirituality & wellness in living. Pashupati, the lord of animals, here symbolizes strength in a meditative pose. Yoga and it’s enhance mannerism is interestingly toned in that era, where living had just been surfaced.



  1. Interesting study.
    Loved to learn this type of aspect of our civilisation. Impressed.
    Keep Going. All the Best.

  2. Thank u so much, reciprocation is always a great inspiration.

  3. Bharati, Many thanks for sharing your knowledge about Indus Civilisation. In fact, now-a-days more and more people are interested in studying ancient culture and following the traditional ways of living like community living for health, happiness, freedom and prosperity...

  4. Tk u Alka for reciprocating, and encouraging always


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