Sri-Yantra Cosmogram: An Aid for Meditation: Installation

Installation: Sri-Yantra Cosmogram: An Aid for Meditation
                                                       by Dr. Bharati Mate & Sunil Balkawade

Attune yourself with the Divine:
(Synchronization of Ancient & Modern: Art Science and Technology with complementary triple Yantra, Mantra and Tantra) 

 Prelude to initiation:


To-day in this modern world one has to strive hard to keep pace with the expectations to achieve one's goal. While doing so the human being knowingly or unknowingly is forced to encounter a lot of physical, chemical and emotional stressful factors day in and day out, this results into depression disease causation.

The causation could be attributed to one or more of the following triple factors of anxiety or stress conditions:viz

  1. Internally generated or by assault which is equated to ADHIBHAUTIC
  2. Psycho-somatic or caused by mental stress known as ADHYATMIC
  3. Divine causation otherwise termed as ADHIDAIVIC

The one and the only way to overcome this problem is to internally activate the yogic centre in human body (called as Chakras) to ascend coupled with the Vedic sound manifestation to control the balancing factor of mind –body balancing system. Similarly Sound has four stages of influence, viz-    

a  PARA which finds manifestation only in Prana;
b  PASHYANTI which finds manifestation in the Mind;
c  MADHYAMA which finds manifestation in the Indriyas;
d  VAIKHARI which finds manifestation in articulate expressions.

Keeping the above in mind the agency has now successfully developed an Audio –Visual Electronic Sri-Yantra Cosmo gram combining the effect of the YANTRA-MANTRA–TANTRA.

Sri-Yantra Initiation:
Sri-Yantra, is a diagrammatic representation of the divine personality “Siva-Shakti” and its cosmic manifestation otherwise known as Cosmic Whole. While Siva represents pure being (inactive Brahman), the Shakti is pure will (active I’svara), each via compliment of the other like two sides of a coin. The word Shakti is of feminine gender in Sanskrit, the personification results in a Goddess.

Thus it is the Universal Spiritual Energy, the one with supreme being, and can therefore be contemplated upon  and worshipped or transcendentally meditated without attaching any pauranic narrations by one and all, who may not even be familiar with the Sanskrit and its grammatical import.

The Cosmo-gram is simple to put it into operation and use without any complication of normally attached spiritual pre-requisites. The Meditator as he experiences the repeated cycle of spiritio-visual aura of glowing crystals, the colours for visual effect keeping in mind the various gunas (sense organs.)Then only he can starts experiencing Penta-organic realization (Rasanubhava or Panchendriya Aunbhuti).

Secret of the Secrets:
Sri-Yantra Cosmo gram:
Prana is the sum total of all energy that is manifested in the Universe. Breath is the external manifestation of Prana. By exercising control over this gross breath, one can control the subtle Prana inside. Control of Prana means control of mind. If one can know how to control the little waves of Prana working through mind, then the Secret of subjugating the universal Prana will be known to him. Thus the use of the Sri-Yantra Cosmo gram enables the user to regulate the Prana (breathing) through five stages: Visualisation, concentration, integration, projection & transformation.

Relaxation Response:
Sri-Yantra Meditation induces a host of biochemical physical changes in the body collectively referred to as the “relaxation Response”. The relaxation response includes changes in metabolism, heart beat rate, respiration, blood pressure and brain chemistry.

Modern Scientific Inventions:
According to the claims by modern science especially theory of quantum physics the present scientific invention has found a world saturated with quantum energetic vibrations. This internal matrix of quantum vibrations is part of our larger human energy field known as the aura. Traditional approaches to human health generally attempt to effect healing change at the molecular level. One such example is the bio-chemical effect of every prescription, which strives to change our vibratory patterns at the molecular level.

"All physical and mental illness, in addition to all mental and emotional life challenges, are a reflection of some vibratory imbalance or impurity at the quantum level of our human energy field."

This vibratory balance or synchronization induces peak brain performance. We could synchronize the same in Sri-Yantra Cosmo-gram by making fusion of Ancient Rishi Chintan (which was time tested) with modern: Arts, Science & technology.

Psychosomatic Benefits:
The suitable ambiance is created by the electronic activation of Cosmo-gram with:
1. Crystal Therapy: 2. Color and Light therapy & 3. Sound Therapy

1. Crystal Therapy:
We have used original Swarovski’s of sparkling rainbow quality, which gives amazing results to the adept of mind body equipoise.

2. Color and Light Therapy: (Chrome Therapy and Photo Therapy)
Colors have direct impact on our mind and body. Here in this gadget we have used the range of colors combine together. These colors have specific frequencies of Light which affects our bodies to clear, cleanse and alignment of Chakra Energies to achieve deep Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Healing with other medical applications


3. Sound Therapy:
Synchronizes and purifies the human energy field (Shakti), inclusive of the chakras and meridian networks as medicine; also enhances the benefits of meditative practices. Sri-Tantra Cosmo-gram will open the vista open the vista of inner awareness & consciousness of Sadhakas will quietly be connected with the Supreme self. The relationship of Nab & Cosmos is inverse and Man himself has become the cosmos.

This spiritual phenomenon has into the Mission-Trance-Mission. Now, in our daily life, let us not miss this Mission. Cone along! Relish Happiness within and without.

New Man:
Becoming more and more aware by the meditation and realizing inner spiritual nature, one who explores meditation is gifted with broader band of perceiving world around.


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