Rangavali Artistry & Eight Fortune Symbols

Rangavali Artistry & Eight Fortune Symbols
A Sublime Floor Canvas

Rangavali Art: A Living Tradition:

As we all know that India is having multidimensional cultural heritage which consists of several Living Traditions of folk art, dating back from Indus Valley Civilization. Since 5000 years folklorist art form of Rangavali has been used differently to elucidate the celebration, where people daily prepare Rangavalis on floor to welcome the pious living force or the divine.

Rangavali acts as a silent host.
Rangavali is a white powder from Shirgola stone and magic of this powder; is its white frosty medium, a free flow of rough coarse powder. After using you does not require washing your hands just wipe off & it will vanish. This is the main powder you can prepare ‘n’ number of colourful powders of primary and secondary colour schemes out of it.

The Art of Hosting is a practice that heals the broken relationship between the people, and India is exactly in one way having art of hosting & harvesting with around 600 living traditions of folk- art. One of them is Rangavali, a self-expressive floor canvas with several cultural themes which are presented by feminine agencies in domestic forum. Rangavali is classified under 64 Arts & 18 branches of knowledge, a tremendously powerful exercise which enhances our knowledge by learning the act of hosting through leadership. The leaders do not stand behind a group to push & ……. They place themselves before the group as they facilitate progress & inspire the group to accomplish goals and Rangavali is doing the same thing as it is place before the houses & acts as host & leader & also inspire the people for the same.

Positavization through Rangavali Artistry:
Friends here Rangavali Artistry uses as social technologies that make a sense & help in turn that sense of effective action. If we look back & think about process of civilization, we have to accept that we are always communicated through art, from toddles scribbles, cave art, Rangavali and many more. Friends tell me what is common in them? The simple answer is creative self-expression.

Rangavali is a form of expressive therapy based on the belief that the creative process of art is both healing and life enhancing. It will treat the drawer with emotional cognitive, physical and/ or developmental needs & disorders. It works same as in any other psycho-therapeutic modality to improve mental health & emotional well-being.

Rangavali Artistry offers cleansing technique, health & happiness technique, relaxation technique and finally positavisation.

|| “Aakutin Gunan Kathayati”||

Symbol expresses the qualities & meaning they carry or we may say symbol contains partial reality. In Indian Traditions the power face of Rangavali is symbolism. Symbol conveys meaning without words. Each one may have variety of interpretations. Modern symbols such as computer icons etc; are mostly instructional. The older symbols convey spiritual, religious or social ideas and many symbols are universal and shared the language.
Here in this chart we can see the Rangavali Script as symbols and how they affect human psyche and expresses the yogic approach.

Rangavali has its deep roots in the Mandala Diagrams, which are ground plans for the temple architecture. Here Rangavali Script has scientifically yet artistically described the role of eight fortune symbols, there cosmic role, human connection, colour manifestation & yogic importance. They are Dot, Line, Semi-circle, Circle, Swastika, Lotus, Cow feet & Pentagon.

Let us understand one by one:


The dot or point is scientifically speaking an abstract concept. It is the smallest graphic unit, as were the ‘atom’ of every pictorial expression. A point, an ego less aware existence. 
In a deep sense it is the form of Lord Ganesha, the absolute knowledge. In a yogic sense the point is the ultimate state of ‘Samadhi’ or ultimate liberation from the vicious cycles of existence. Scientifically it represents the equilibrated state of body where the chakras and the nadis are in perfect tone and rhythm.


The eye first draws a line to represent the shortest distance between two points. A series of dots, a line depicts expansion in all senses. It is a unique manifestation of intelligence, growth and direction. It represents Mother Earth and relates truly to the meditative, subconscious peaceful path of the absolute. 

Half-Circle: Moon

Moon a symbol of love and feelings, semicircle depicts transformation, reformation and transmission. In short, it is an analogue of Human mind and emotional upheaval. Very beautifully it relates to the core of water. In yogic language, semicircle elaborates the Dharana or the strong fervor to explore the divine. Semi circle indicates the progress and regress in the Nature.

Circle: Sun:

In the circle, the viewer encounters the line with eternal recurrence, The feeling of being inside the circle can perhaps be interpreted as an impulse toward the centre neither beginning nor ending, and going around an invisible but very precise center or a search for a mysterious unity of life. In the opposite sense, an active life radiates from the invisible center outward.
Calling up spherical volume one is reminded of a Wheel, Ball or Balloon. Circle denotes the journey of life, the form of the Sun and the wholeness of fire. Circle breaths the perfection of the moment. It relates to the complete Human Ego. Yoga has a meaning to the essence of circle. It explains the Pratyahar of Yoga i.e. the strength to commune selflessly to the power of NOW.


The plus sign does not awaken any feelings in the mind of the viewer, but as soon as one arm or the other is slightly lengthened, sign loses its plainness and makes way for psychological reactions. The virtually crossing lines with radiating segments are symbol of union or positive energy.
It depicts the Human strength or the union of the hoary earth and the serene sky. It denotes Pranayama or the whole breath leading to perfect existence. In India, it is prominently displayed on all auspicious occasions and is widely believed to be the harbinger of GOOD FORTUNE. 


Ashtapadkamal has indication of 8 directions always remains the symbol of wealth, consistent fertility and a natural art form symbolizes creative existence. It beautifully personifies human heart or the association of Earth and Water in cosmos. It can be primordially associated with Yogic Asanas or the transformation obtained due to mind body equilibrium or state of balance.


Cow Feet represents animal kingdom and is a symbol of humble worship to the contribution of Cow towards Mankind. It very scientifically promotes health. The science of Ayurveda emphasizes to use cow related by products and even her waste for healing human ailments.

Cosmically, cow feet portray the union of Earth & Fire. The yoga base of cow feet can be attributed to Niyama Or the doctrines of healthy living. 


A symbol of five natural elements, manifestation of five vital human centers. These five elements are various proportions define life. Pentagon intrinsically describes the Yama of Yoga or the awareness to live the correct, wholesome life, as well be alert about the final destruction of Prana. Interestingly, Pentagon is a universal architectural form for all divine centers whether temples, mosques or churches.

Rangavali Artistry: Creative co-operation: the aim of hosting:  
It is useful in reduction of stress & muscle relaxation, which is the part & perspective of Yoga. Here through Rangavali Art one can attain inner landscape & naturally the outer realities.
Rangavali Artistry is an experiment for self-discovery and self-manifestation. While the same associated with the art of hosting we have discovered the principles of self-organization, participation, ownership & nonlinear solutions are the keys to both individuals & collective discoveries.
Rangavali Artistry: New solution for Transformation:
Rangavali is the new solution for the common good. With the help of grids many times we can beautify or organize the Rangavali which is a system that follows.
We are the system, the system is not outside ourselves, and it is our own broken relationships that need to heal, my relationship with myself, to life, to this earth, to the others, to my work, to the world.
That is how systemic shifts happen.
> I am the need in the world- we are the system, we are the solution.
> The pious living force creates from Rangavali making help to understand each other.
> From disrespect to respect, from I know better to curiosity, from judging to understanding each other, from machine to living system from fear to love.
We need new conversation tools, new media, new expression, direct communication, and expression, direct bridge or platform for many disciplines to come together, because it is an appealing art, attractive art. It has intention relevance and thoughtfulness in its manifestation. It is a universal art, beyond national and religious boundaries.
Booster for harvesting of Mind, Body and Soul:
The soul is beyond the physical sheath, neuron-sensory plane and even beyond the psychological one as understood today, it is the very center of all the psychosomatic profile of the living world. Its existence cannot be proved objectively, it can be experienced directly by yogic approach. Existence, consciousness & bliss are the nature of the soul. Reality, knowledge, infinity all pervasiveness are the other properties to it.
It is now accepted that according to Indian tradition the location of the soul is not brain but the heart. The only way to know the soul is that of self-revelation & self-realization. Soul is the consciousness; memory is the property of consciousness & is often equated to it. There are three states of consciousness are recognized: waking, dreaming & sleeping which correspond to conscious, subconscious & unconscious. The fourth & last state of supra conscious lies within and is present in all living beings.
In the light of Supra conscious state all the three are on lower level associated with night, darkness, ignorance and the transformation of these into the highest one is the sole aim of YOGA. The location of consciousness, through it spreads throughout the body, is the heart, along with intelligence, ego & mind.” Rangavali art exactly on this supra level & blessed the drawer. White Rangavali powder resembles with the LIGHT. The positive vibrations bring Peace and Light.

Connect to the inner light and face life squarely. You get all the help. It is a booster for all harvesting for mind, body and soul.




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